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 Get Glowing Skin NOW

Licensed Esthetician, Certified Acne Specialist & Skin Revision Therapist

Has it been a constant struggle for you to control acne breakouts and fade dark spots?  Perhaps you had a clear, vibrant complexion while growing up and in your twenties.


Fast forward to your early thirties, when your skin started acting up. Out of nowhere, your skin became dry, sensitive, dull-looking, and uneven. 

Maybe you have tried many home remedies and skincare products that haven't work for you. 

I know just what you are going through because I have been there too. In my early thirties, I began experiencing issues with my skin. I became so frustrated because nothing I tried work.


The passion for solving my skincare problems and finding skincare products that work led me to the field of aesthetics.

​My name is Kendria Morgan, and I am here to help you too. I am a licensed Esthetician in the Bronx, New York area, specializing in acne treatments and skin revision therapy. 

I do corrective skincare treatments and facials using effective products and professional equipment. My facial treatments are more than just facials! They will transform your skin and change your life. ​

I take the guesswork out of your skincare routine and find the right products that will work specifically for your skin type and conditions.  I take it a step further by teaching you the essentials of skincare. I will give you the knowledge you need to take proper care of your skin for longer-lasting results.

​If you’re looking for the best solutions for your skincare concerns - you’ve come to the right place! Give me a call at 914-297-7254  to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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Healing Skin & Changing Lives

I focus on your skin's needs and take a holistic approach to all my facial treatments.


I genuinely believe that when you look your best, you will feel your best and perform at your very best. 
My clear-at-last acne facial treatments will clear your skin, and the enzyme facials will initiate healing, lessen the signs of aging, and refresh your skin, while my brightening facials will decrease hyperpigmentation for a newer, confident you.