Three of the Best Acne Facial Cleansers That Do More Than Cleanse

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

The Importance Of Facial Cleansing

If you finally want to have clear and blemish-free skin, you need to start with the best acne facial cleansers. Looking great and feeling confident in your own skin is as easy as having a consistent skincare routine.

A Facial Cleansing Routine That Works For Acne

An efficacious routine with the right products using the proper practices will alleviate most of your skin worries. The first step begins with cleansing your face. Cleansing is an integral step in an effective skincare regimen. Not only does cleansing remove dirt and oil from the skin, but it also facilitates a better absorption rate for the rest of the products in your routine.

To control acne and achieve clear skin, it is essential to use a facial cleanser that will address your skin's needs.

In my practice as an Esthetician, I have found that the following facial cleansers efficiently address some of the basic needs of acne skin. These facial cleansers contain active ingredients to clean the pores and help control inflammation. Controlling inflammation is critical in the treatment and prevention of acne.

Introducing Three Acne-Fighting Facial Cleansers

Mandelic Face & Body Wash by Face Reality Skincare: This is a sulfate-free foaming gel cleanser that contains chirally correct L-Mandelic Acid. Chirally correct ingredients are more effective and provide a superior absorption rate for product penetration. Mandelic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid that has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Mandelic Face and Body Wash gently cleanses, exfoliates the skin, and improves the appearance of pigmentation. Mandelic Face and Body Wash also contain Green Tea Extract that is anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial. This acne-fighting cleanser is recommended for skin prone to inflamed acne, back acne, folliculitis, or hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin). Mandelic Face & Body Wash is appropriate for normal or oily skin types. If you have dry or sensitive skin, this is not the cleanser for your skin type.

Raspberry Refining Cleanser by Skin Script Rx: Raspberry Refining Facial Cleanser is a unique foaming gel cleanser that rebalances and improves the skin's texture. One of the active ingredients is Salicylic Acid that penetrates the pores to clarify and break up dead skin cell build-up. It clears the follicle to relieve blackheads and lessen future breakouts. Raspberry Refining Facial Cleanser also contains Glycolic Acid to encourage cell renewal and assist with refining the texture of the skin while helping to heal breakouts. Raspberry Refining Facial Cleanser is recommended for oily and acne skin and teenage skin prone to acne.

Ultra Gentle Cleanser by Face Reality Skincare: Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser is a sulfate-free foaming gel cleanser that cleans all skin types, including dry skin, sensitive skin, and mature skin. It is recommended for skin prone to all types of acne, including acne rosacea. Three of the primary key ingredients in this cleanser are Green Tea Extract, Licorice Extract, and Mushroom Extract, which all contain anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

It is Possible to Clear Acne

Clear skin is possible under the expert guidance of a licensed Esthetician who will equip you with a successful skincare routine and the knowledge you need to make the right lifestyle choices for the benefit of your skin.

However, the best possible place to start is with a facial cleanser that's right for you. Click here to choose one of the three acne-fighting cleansers listed above. You will finally say goodbye to acne and acne scars, as this is the beginning of clear and healthy skin.

If you need a more personalized skincare routine with customized products for your skin, click here to request a free email consultation.

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