A natural face wash that is smooth and luxurious while also being gentle and effective. A smooth gel that foams readily and rinses clean, taking dirt and make up with it, leaving your skin feeling smooth and supple with the glow of healthy radiant skin.


Formulated to address the issues of dull, dry and congested skin with the best that nature has to offer. With natural, gentle, cleansers that also offer smoothness and hydration, aloe vera to soothe and nurture, green tea extract for it's anti-oxidant protection, panthenol and allantoin for their anti-inflammatory and soothing activity, extracts of bilberry, sugar, bitter orange and lemon for their cellular refining and toning activity through their natural glycolic, lactic and tannic acid (alpha hydroxy acids), aspen bark extract which not only preserves the cleanser but also offer smoothness and refined pores through it's natural salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acids).


Size: 8 oz

Radiant Glow Facial Cleanser